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Three Reasons To Make Your Next Jewelry Purchase From The Pawn Shop

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If you are looking for a gift of jewelry for your next special occasion, you may be tempted to shop online in an effort to save a little extra money. But the best place to shop may be right around the corner at your local pawn shop. Here are a few reasons why.

Unique Selections

Have you ever noticed that when you are shopping at jewelry stores, you are offered the same selection no matter which branch you shop at? This is because the chains purchase in volume and stock the stores with the same pieces. This means that anyone who shops at one of their locations will be wearing the same thing. 

When you purchase pawn shop jewelry, you will usually find one of a kind pieces. You will find a much larger variety than you will find at your local jewelers. Some of these may have come from a local jewelry store, but many of them are heirloom pieces that have been sold for cash. This will give you the opportunity to purchase and give a unique gift that your receiver do not have to worry about seeing anywhere else.

More Value For Your Money

Everyone loves a great sale, and while your local jeweler may be advertising one you will not find pieces discounted as deeply as you will at the pawn shop. In addition to a great posted price, most pawn shops are willing to negotiate the final price. This is because pawn shops are purchasing their pieces at discounted prices, and they are willing to pass the savings on to you.

Do your research, because pawn shop prices are often loosely based on the market price of gold or silver for that day, know what those prices are. Also remember a pawn shop is cash based business, which means they are willing to give you the best price if you are willing to pay in cash.

Ease Of Purchase

When you walk into a pawn shop to make a jewelry purchase you do not have to worry about a pushy salespeople following your around the store wanting to show you every piece of jewelry in the case. They will allow you to browse, show you what you want to see, and then execute your sale with little or no fanfare. They are not going to try to upgrade you or get you to purchase add-ons that you are not interested in.

Check out the jewelry selection at your local pawnshop. They just may become your go to place for all of your jewelry purchases. A business like Wilmington Jewelry & Loan can give you more details.