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4 Warning Signs You Need To Replace Your Shower Pan

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One of the ways to ensure your shower and tile remains in good condition is by having a shower pan. This item is typically made of vinyl or lead and is typically in the shape of a square. These are effective in keeping this area of your home in good condition at all times. However, you may begin to see signs that this crucial item in your shower isn't working as well as it once did. Being aware of warnings that are an indication this item needs to be replaced can be helpful to you.

Warning sign #1: Water leaks

One of the first things you may notice is water leaking in the room where your shower is at varying times. Of course, this is more likely to occur right after you've taken a shower.

This frequently occurs if you have a faulty shower pan or one that is worn out due to age and overuse.

Warning sign #2: Rotting floors

If you begin to see issues with the flooring in your bathroom, this could be a result of water damage. Failure to address any water leakage issues can cause severe and expensive problems that will need to be repaired.

One of these consists of rotting floors and if you let your issue go this far, you will typically be faced with the need to replace the floors and put in a new shower pan.

Warning sign #3: Mold

Seeing several spots of mold can be concerning in your bathroom area and you'll want to find out what is causing this. One thing that could be contributing to this issue are shower pans that don't work like they should.

Warning sign #4: Missing grout

The base of the shower is where you will usually have a lot of grout. This is a mixture of water, cement, and sand that works to fill in gaps in your shower area.

If you begin to see areas where the grout is missing, this is an indication the shower pan isn't working as well as it should and may need to be repaired or replaced.

It's important to keep this part of your shower working as well as you can. Doing so is the key to avoiding a number of issues that may end up costing you more. Be sure to check for shower pans on your next shopping trip if these are needed.