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What An Orgasmic Experience! Three Types Of Vibrators That Deliver

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Sexual arousal in women can start with the breasts, but most partners "head south" very quickly. They go right for the clitoris. Experienced lovers know that there are three ways to arouse a woman through the clitoris. They are flicking, rubbing, and licking/sucking. If you do not have a lover (or not a very good one!), you can employ vibrators to do the job instead. Here is what to look for, based on the three types of clitoral stimulation:


Flicking vibrators often have one or more prongs attached to a clitoral stimulator. When the vibrator is turned on, the pronged clitoral attachment begins humming and flicking. You can use the vibrator itself to stimulate your clit, your vagina, and/or your anus, depending on what brings you pleasure.


Rubbing vibrators have several speeds and pulse controls. They may also spin in unusual circles around your clitoris so that you get as much of the desired sensation as you want. Women who typically love the sensation of a washing machine as it spins around and hits side to side are often the ones who enjoy this type of vibrator.


The vast majority of women who enjoy having their partners "go down on them" say that licking and sucking are their favorite sensations. A clitoral pressure vibrator is ideal for this group. They are frequently modeled to look like small, cupped and open mouths. When placed over the clitoris, they form a suction seal around it, and immediately begin applying suction. It is the female equivalent of a male penis pump.

This type of clitoral stimulator and vibrator is also very good for women with frigid issues. It helps them get aroused quicker and easier. In fact, if you suffer from this common sexual problem, you may want to use these vibrators for up to ten minutes before your partner joins you in the bedroom. It can really help get the ball (or balls!) rolling.

Size Matters

When purchasing any of the adult toys above, size DOES matter. You want a toy that is comfortable to use, and not difficult to manipulate when you masturbate. You also want a toy that fits your body, not the dainty labia of a pre-teen or a skinny supermodel. Get what you know will fit and what you are sure to enjoy. Then even your alone time will be worth the money you spent to get a good orgasm.