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5 Memory Foam Mattress Care Tips

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Investing in a new memory foam mattress from a place like Mattress Liquidation Warehouse can help you realize a more comfortable night's sleep. Naturally, you will want to ensure that the mattress stays in great condition for as long as possible. The following guide can help you better care for the mattress so it will remain comfortable for many years.

Tip #1: Choose a solid frame

A memory foam mattress will develop a crease or sag if it isn't firmly supported. Any type of bed frame works well if you have a solid and supportive box spring. Otherwise, you need to avoid slatted frames, since memory foam can sag through the slats. A solid base frame, such as a platform bed, is the best option to avoid any type of damage to the mattress.

Tip #2: Use a cover

Memory foam mattress covers are breathable covers that slip over your mattress and are zipped closed. They protect your mattress from being soiled by bodily fluids, sweat, and dirt. You can easily remove the cover for washing when necessary, so it is much easier to tend to than trying to remove stains and dirt from the mattress itself.

Tip #3: Give it a spin

Memory foam mattresses usually have a top side and a bottom side, so you aren't supposed to flip them. You should rotate them, though. This prevents them from developing a permanent groove where you always lay. Rotate the mattress once a month so the head end becomes the foot end and vice versa.

Tip #4: Wash your bedding

Although a mattress cover does provide some protection, it's still important to keep your sheets clean. This is particularly true in hot weather when sweating occurs. You can ensure the mattress doesn't get soiled by washing your sheets every one to two weeks. Clean sheets won't transfer any dirt to your memory foam mattress cover or to the mattress itself.

Tip #5: Pull out the vaccuum

Finally, if your mattress does need to be cleaned, pull out the vacuum and not the carpet cleaner. Vacuuming your mattress whenever you wash the cover removes dust and skin cells so that it remains fresh and clean. If some stains have slipped through the cover, remove them with a dampened rag. Never soak a mattress or use a carpet cleaner, since it's impossible to pull moisture out of a memory foam mattress completely.

For more help, talk to a mattress retailer in your area. They can help you properly care for your purchase.