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How Best To Make A Statement With A Statement Bib Necklace

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As an accessory, a statement bib necklace can really add a new dimension to your outfit and look. However, these necklaces often want attention, so you have to show care with how you use them. Here is is a look at a few ways to get the most out of a statement bib necklace.

The Bolder the Statement, the Simpler the Garb

Statement necklaces tend to want to stand out. They often have bold colors and designs with a lot of personality. Don't let your outfit and your necklace fight each other for attention. You can wear practically any style of clothing with a statement bib necklace, but you want to keep it simple.

A good idea is to wear dresses or other attire consisting of a single color. For example, an all black dress, or jeans and a solid shirt can work well. Avoid clothes that take away from the statement necklace such as anything with a busy pattern.

Keep the Statement Making to a Minimum

You can easily dilute the statement you're making by adding other types of statement jewelry. Statement bib necklaces want to captivate. If you are also wearing large statement earrings or a statement bracelet, they will all fight for attention.

If you intend to wear other jewelry with the statement necklace, make sure the pieces compliment rather than draw attention away from the necklace. Usually, you can leave the other pieces at home and let the statement necklace do all the heavy lifting like it wants to.

The Neckline of Your Outfit Can Add or Subtract from Your Statement

Show care with necklines. A statement necklace usually wants to follow a V-neck. You can also tastefully wear a statement necklace with a collared shirt, but you need to make sure the necklace you choose blends well with the look. Once again, solid colors can help with this.

Generally, a V-neck or scoop necked top gives the necklace room to shine. A strapless blouse is especially ideal for a statement bib necklace.

Make Your Statement Bib Necklace Work for You

Fashion tips are not fashion rules. Nothing is set-in-stone concerning statement bib necklaces. You can experiment and see what you come up with that fits your individual style. You can even layer statement necklaces to create completely new ensembles.

Have fun with your statement necklace and go with what makes you feel great. Getting it all just right might take a little practice. Start with quality statement bib necklaces and go from there.