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Looking To Purchase Police Tactical Helmets? Three Important Decisions You Will Need To Make

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Being a police officer is difficult and dangerous. Unfortunately, officers can be killed or injured in the line of duty. Police departments around the country are looking to better protect their officers and keep them safer. Police tactical helmets are one of the tools that more and more cities are buying to protect their officers. These helmets help to protect an officer's head from blunt force impact, flying debris, and certain types of bullets. If you are looking to purchase tactical helmets for your police force, here are three important decisions you should be prepared to make before ordering helmets. 

The Style of Helmet

Police tactical helmets come in three basic styles. This includes a full helmet, also referred to as a PASGT helmet; a mid-cut helmet, also called a below-the-ear helmet; and a high-cut helmet, or above-the-ear helmet. The different styles offer different levels of protection. A full helmet covers the entire head, including the ears and forehead area. A mid-cut offers some ear protection and forehead protection. And a high-cut helmet doesn't cover the ears and offers little forehead protection. 

The Resistance of the Helmet

Another important difference between the various types of police tactical helmets that are offered is the resistance level of the helmet. Different types of helmets are designed to be stronger or take different types of impacts. Some may withstand smaller bullets while others are designed to withstand larger bullets or impacts. Always carefully consider what types of weapons are most prevalent in your area and then find helmets that can withstand those weapons. 

The Weight of the Helmet

The last factor to consider when you are looking to purchase police tactical helmets is the weight of the helmet. Many people think heavier is better, but this is not always true. An officer may have to wear this helmet on their head for hours depending on the situation that they are attending to. A heavy helmet can wear the officer down and become uncomfortable. Always consider how long the officers may have to wear the helmet and what is most comfortable for them when selecting police tactical helmets. 

Not every police tactical helmet is the same. The styles of the helmets vary, the resistance of the helmets vary, and the weight of the helmets vary. Taking the time to learn about these differences will help you decide which is the right option for the helmets that you are purchasing for your police force.