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Why A Truck Bed Tarp Is A Useful Accessory For Your Truck

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If you use your truck for hauling things frequently, then you probably need some sort of cover for the bed. One of the simplest and most affordable options is a tarp. You may even find that a truck bed tarp is more versatile than having a hard or soft cover installed. Here's why a tarp is a good option and some choices in truck bed tarps

Why A Tarp Is A Good Option For Your Truck

A tarp only costs a fraction of what you would pay for a removable topper or a bed cover. Plus, you can easily put a tarp on by yourself and then remove it and store it in your truck, so you always have it with you for when it's needed. A tarp provides shade, rain protection, and privacy for what you're hauling. Plus, a tarp can conform to the shape and size of your load so you can haul large loads and still keep them covered.

Some Choices In Truck Bed Tarps

You can buy truck bed tarps already sized to fit your truck. However, you can also have tarps custom made. You might want this if you need a larger tarp for frequent large loads you haul. Tarps are made of different materials. You'll probably want a tarp that is waterproof so that your load stays dry, and resistant to UV damage so that the tarp lasts a long time. Vinyl could be a good choice since it's an affordable option, and it is resistant to mold and sun damage. Vinyl is also waterproof, so your load stays dry as long as you put it on the truck properly. Canvas is another popular choice in truck bed tarps. A canvas that's treated is water-resistant, so it offers protection from the rain. Canvas is made from natural material while vinyl is synthetic. They have different appearances, so you may want one or the other based on your preferences.

Poly tarps are another option. These are made from polyethylene, and they are waterproof, fire-resistant, and tear-resistant. When choosing your tarp, you can pick from different colors, and even opt for a transparent tarp if you choose. By keeping your truck bed covered with a tarp, you'll protect it and what you carry from rain, wind, and sun exposure. Take the tarp off when you would rather leave the bed uncovered, but keep the tarp handy in your truck and you're always ready when it rains unexpectedly.