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Dress Up Your Style With The Best Boho Chic Handbags

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Offering a bit of a vintage appeal and a little hippy personality, the bohemian style has been one of those looks that have managed to stick around for far longer than the usual trends. If you are all about the bohemian-chic style and need to add some accessories to your wardrobe collection, do not forget that even something as small and functional as a boho purse can do the trick. To get the most out of your efforts, there are a few good tips to keep in mind when shopping for these purses. 

Look for handmade bohemian handbags. 

If you really want to make sure that your bohemian-style handbags give your outfits a little bit of personality when you use them, go for designs that are unique and visually attractive. In many cases, the handmade bags created by crafty artists and designers are going to give you that individually interesting appeal a lot better than the purses that are mass-produced in a factory. For example, you may find a boho hobo-style bag that is created out of hand-sewn leather pieces in different shapes. 

Pick up handbags in more than one size. 

When you are shopping for purses to complete an outfit or that complement what you normally wear, make sure you pick up more than one size. There are some days you naturally are going to need a larger purse, such as when you are out on a day trip and need a lot of things with you. However, smaller and larger purses can complement differing looks and outfits. A small boho clutch will look good with something worn in the evening like a cute little cocktail dress. 

Consider boho handbags with a crossbody design. 

If you normally do not carry a purse and find that having one just makes it harder to keep up with everything you tote around, consider a crossbody handbag in a boho-chic style. These bags are carried over one shoulder and then across your body so you get to carry the bag without using your hands. With a bag made in this fashion, the piece basically becomes part of your outfit naturally, so make sure you pick styles that coincide with what you are wearing for the day. For instance, a pair of high-waisted jean shorts and a basic white peasant-style crop top will look good paired with a colorful bag with a lot of patterns and visual pop. 

Look for boutiques near you for bohemian handbags.