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Subscription Crate Boxes – The Perfect Gift For Your Lady

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Subscription boxes are all the rage right now; everyone has some kind of surprise waiting for them in a box that's delivered to the house once a month. Men, women, kids, teens, dogs, cats, you name it, there's a surprise gift box out there that's perfect for them. If you're looking for the perfect gift for the lady in your life, it's time to look into women's crates! Here, you'll find a few examples of what you might expect in these blind boxes.

Fashion Crates

Fashion crates can be found at different price-points—usually, the higher the price, the more you get in the box, or the better quality stuff you get. To order these crates, you'll need to know the sizes that the lady in your life wears. You plug her sizes into the selection form, add the delivery address, submit your payment, and in a week or two, a box filled with clothing, shoes, and accessories are delivered right to her door. This can be a tricky way to go if you don't know the exact sizes your lady wears and you're not very good at being sneaky to find out, but there are other options.

Beauty Crates

Beauty crates typically include all sorts of beauty supplies for face, hair, skin, and nails. It could be lotions, perfume, makeup, nail polish— anything that would usually be found in the beauty department. For this type of crate, you may have to answer some questions about skin-type, tone, and any allergies your lady may have.

Fitness Crates

Fitness crates include all kinds of stuff that can motivate someone to keep fit. It could be fitness clothes, shoes, and accessories, as well as healthy snacks and drinks, gadgets, water bottles, shoes, or anything that would be needed to work out and stay motivated to do so. This is a great crate to give the person that wants to stay focused on getting to the gym, but loses all motivation half way through the month. Each month, when the new crate comes, it could spark the interest to get back to the gym for a good workout.

Snack Crates

One thing that you should know by now is what your lady likes to eat. If you can't figure out her sizes or her skin type or are worried that she might think that you think she needs to lose weight if you give her a fitness crate, go with the snack crates. You can choose the types of snacks that she likes and each month, she'll be surprised with a package filled with a variety of good stuff to snack on.

This is an awesome, easy way to find a gift for the lady in your life. After all, who doesn't love to get a surprise package in the mail once a month?