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An Ocean-Themed Setting For Your Son To Drift Off To Sleep In

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If your son enjoyed himself at the local aquarium and often speaks about the great white sharks and colorful fish that he observed, surprise him with some new ocean-themed bedding, toys, and decor for his bedroom. As your child drifts off to sleep, he can envision himself surrounded by tropical beauty as he clutches a pillow that resembles one of the creatures that he admires.

Decide How To Upgrade The Room

The entire room does not need to be redecorated if there are already some features that will work well with the ocean theme. For example, if there is a solid-colored carpet in the room that is blue or a neutral color, it will fit right into the theme and can be representative of a body of water or the land that surrounds the ocean. Standard furnishings can be upgraded by placing some fabric runners across the top of each one. Add some toy sea creatures on top of each furnishing.

Use runners that contain an ocean print or that are each a solid blue color. Purchase a bedding set that contains a comforter, fitted sheet, flat sheet, and a pillowcase. Something like a kid's shark toy pillow can be used to complete the ensemble. This majestic creature will be the star of the show and could possibly become your son's favorite sleeping buddy.

As he drifts off to sleep on top of the shark, he may feel protected and safe. Allow your son to pick out his new sleeping companion. Prompt your child to pick a shark pillow that contains a soft cotton or polyester covering and test the thickness of each critter that interests him so that a pillow is selected that will provide plenty of support.

Help Your Son Become Acclimated To His New Setup

At first, your son may think of his bedroom solely as a play area, due to there being new ocean-themed features for him to explore. Explain to him that all of the sea creatures go to sleep at night, just like him. Use his new pillow and the toy sea creatures to act out a basic skit at night.

Maybe you can pretend to be the voice of each animal and hold a conversation that involves everyone getting ready for bed since the next day will be a busy day that will be filled with many adventures. If your child is receptive to your presentation, he will get into his bed and be ready for you to tuck him in. Adjust his pillow so that it rests underneath his head prior to turning off the bedroom light.