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How to Style Your Tourist T-Shirts Like a Pro

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Tourist T-shirts are a fun way to collect a souvenir and show off your travels to the world. Yet, some people think that these tees are old fashioned, slightly cheesy, and unstylish. However, that is not the case and if you know how to wear your tourist shirt — you will not have this problem. Learn how to style your T-shirt well.

1. Pair It with Distressed Denim

Whether it is in the form of jeans, a skirt, or shorts, when you pair a T-shirt with distressed denim, you send the style marks off the board. The edginess of distressed denim with the everyday style of a T-shirt creates a beautiful contrast, that is also comfortable. 

To keep the focus of your outfit on the shirt, make sure you choose denim that is in a contrasting color. For example, if the T-shirt is navy blue, do not choose dark denim; a lighter option is better.

2. Add a Blazer

The next time you need something to wear on a fun night, look no further than your tourist T-shirt. Pairing a blazer with your T-shirt is a great way to give it a boost in the sophistication department, while still keeping your overall look casual and fun. 

Just make sure you pair it with the right blazer. Most T-shirts are loose-fitting. Pairing this type of shirt with a tight blazer will look awkward and forced. It is much better to pair the tee with an equally loose-fitting blazer. You should also keep the blazer open. Remember, the goal is to show off the T-shirt, so you do not want any obstructions.

3. Turn It into a Dress

If your shirt is oversized, you might consider the idea of turning the shirt into a dress. Pair the T-shirt with a pair of boots and fashion tights, and you have a complete look. Just make sure you work around the fit. If the T-shirt is very large, you may want to pair it with a belt to give it some form. 

If the shirt is overly large, it is likely to drown out your frame and you will end up looking shapeless, which is not attractive. A nice belt at the waist can bring everything together. Not to mention, if it is windy outside, the belt will help keep the shirt in place and keep you more comfortable.

You can use these tips to wear your tourist T-shirts with pride, and most importantly, with style. Learn more about your options by contacting companies that have Paris Text T-shirts.