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Rug Recommendations: Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Rugs For Your Home

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A rug is not typically the first thing you think about when it comes to interior design style. However, the right rug can transform the look of any room and make it warm and inviting. Considering a few important tips when shopping for rugs for your home will help you select rugs that look fantastic and complement your design style.

Material matters

Rugs are manufactured with a variety of materials to suit any purpose, but the traffic flow of your home should be the biggest factor in determining which material is best. For instance, in high traffic areas, such as a hallway or foyer, rugs made of jute or sisal catch debris and can stand up to repeated use.

Wool and wool blends are also durable, and their long-lasting quality makes them a good choice for living rooms and children's playrooms. For low traffic areas, such as a quiet home office or bedroom, shag or hand-tufted rugs will add beauty and softness to the room.  

Use of the room

Take a realistic look at the people who use the room where your rug will be placed and choose accordingly. High-pile rugs can be tripping hazards for rooms frequented by the elderly. Choose low-pile rugs with nonslip backing for these areas to keep them safe for all family members.

For active areas used by the entire family, such as a home gym or family room, indoor/outdoor rugs can be a great option. They are easy to clean, resist spills, and look amazing thanks to advances in manufacturing technology.

Color considerations

The wrong-colored rug can be a glaring distraction, but a rug in the right color will complement and add eye appeal to any space. A neutral hallway or foyer is the perfect place to add a rug in a bold pattern or color, as there is minimal furniture or other accessories in these areas that you need to coordinate the rug with.

Tone down a busy room that contains a lot of furniture, colors, and patterns with a soothing neutral area rug in gray or beige. In a large space, a rug can be used like a piece of art on the floor or when hung on the wall as a decorative piece.

If you are looking for a fast and easy way to dress up any room of your home, the right rug can work wonders. Considering a few facts about your living style will help you narrow down the choices. Whether you select an area rug or an accent rug, rugs add color, character, and dimension to any living space. Contact a rug company to learn more.