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Purchase A Mortar And Pestle Set For Spell Casting

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Dried herbs, flowers, and spices are often used while spell casting. A mortar and a pestle are two witchcraft materials that will aid with pulverizing dried components to the consistency that you desire. Look for materials that can be used as some of the primary tools that are part of your personal altar at a local witchcraft supplies shop.

A Mortar And A Pestle

A mortar (a heavy bowl) and a pestle (a long tool with a rounded end) are used to crush and grind substances. The pulverization process has been used during ancient times and is commonly implemented today, in both witchcraft and food preparation applications. A set that contains matching pieces may be constructed of wood, stone, or ceramic.

During the preparation of dried roots, leaves, or flowers, small fragments should be placed in the base of the mortar. Afterward, a pestle can be used to mash the materials, either with a striking or twisting motion. Moving one's hand in a rhythmic motion will aid with crushing ingredients in a consistent manner.

Care Techniques

The energy that is produced during an active witchcraft session can be disrupted if contaminants or foreign materials are on the surface of a mortar or a pestle. Shop for a set that contains pieces that each possess a smooth surface that can safely be washed by hand.

When you first purchase your set, use warm water and a sponge to clean the surface of each tool. This process will eliminate any dust that may have settled on the pieces during the manufacturing or shipping process. Clean the set after each use. Use a small amount of detergent, warm water, and a clean sponge during each cleaning session.

Herbs, Flowers, And Spices

Herbs, flowers, and spices that have already been dried can be purchased through an online witchcraft supplier. These essentials may be stored in small satchels or vials. If you purchase a set that contains a variety of organic materials, use a spellbook to determine how much of each material you will need to cast a specific spell. A pair of tweezers can be used to retrieve dried materials from a storage bag or container.

For some spells, you may be able to collect materials outdoors. If you choose to pick plants from your yard, you will need to dry them prior to usage. Store all of the materials in containers that are clearly labeled. Place your mortar and pestle set on top of the altar that you have created.