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Where Can You Find Vintage Costume Jewelry Buyers?

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Do you have some vintage costume jewelry for sale, but are having a hard time finding the right buyers? You can sell your items more quickly if you know where to find vintage costume jewelry buyers who will have an increased interest in your collection and might also be willing to pay more for what you have.

Here are some ways you can locate vintage costume jewelry buyers. Use this guide as it applies to you and your situation most.

Your local community college or high school

Most colleges and high schools have an art or drama department, and these departments might have individuals who are interested in your vintage costume jewelry to have for their plays or artistic displays. You may be able to speak to drama or art directors to see if they have a budget for your vintage costume jewelry and might be willing to buy some of your pieces from you.

Your local museum

While you can donate your vintage jewelry to your local museum, if you need vintage costume jewelry buyers to buy your items, you might still want to check your local museum to see what they can offer you. Your vintage pieces might be especially valuable if they are locally made or very collectable.

Your local antique store

Antique stores or vintage clothing stores might be your best vintage costume jewelry buyers in the end. These facilities need new pieces to bring in their own buyers, and they will often pay you cash on the spot for the items you have. Before you try to sell your vintage costume jewelry to an antique store or vintage clothing store buyer, have these items appraised so you know what pieces are worth.

Your local pawn shop

You can sell your vintage costume jewelry to your local pawn shop if your main concern is getting cash right now. Keep in mind that you may not get the money you want for your items because pawn shops still need to make money on the items they purchase. However, if you're in a bind, selling a few pieces this way can give you some money and buy you time to find other vintage costume jewelry buyers that will appreciate your collections and pay more competitively for your pieces.

You should always have items appraised prior to selling them. This protects you and your buyers and ensures you are knowledgeable about the pieces you sell should your vintage costume jewelry buyers have questions. For more information, contact a party interested in vintage costume jewelry, such as MCS Estate Buyers.