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Materials For Corporate Plaques: What Are Their Pros And Cons?

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If you want to buy corporate plaques, the number of options you have might overwhelm you. Nonetheless, settle on a material that brings the best to the celebratory moment. Corporate plaques come in various materials, each with its pros and cons. Here are the common materials for corporate plaques.


Acrylic engraved plaques have upscale and sophisticated looks perfect for corporate gifts. The clarity acrylic offers is the same as glass and crystal but with less chance of breakage. You get a wide range of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors from which to choose. The different appearances make the customization of acrylic simple. Acrylic boasts impact resistance, high versatility, and the ability to withstand salt spray and sun. If you accidentally drop it, acrylic plaques chip but don't shatter. The downside is the high cost. Acrylic is pricier than most other options; hence isn't a suitable option if you are on a tight budget.


Bronze is an alloy that mainly consists of copper and tin, which are rust-free. The combination of metals makes bronze plaques thicker, harder, and more durable than many plaque materials. The principal advantage of engraved bronze is its ability to last under any weather conditions. However, bronze plaques are costly and not recommended if you want to buy multiple plaques.


Glass plaques offer a high class, elegance, and style. You can engrave glass to display the recipient's name and the intended message, creating a personal touch. Glass plaques are ideal when you want different options for custom plaques. You have different colors, styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from based on your preference. However, glass breaks easily, so you have to handle your plaque carefully.


For a timeless look that is perfect alongside any decor, a wood plaque is the way to go. You could customize wood with engraved metal plates, decorative trims, a name, or a special message. The price of wooden plaques varies based on the type of wood and finish. The disadvantage is that wood is porous and warps over time.


Crystal is very reflective, easy to decorate, and among the most desirable materials for corporate engraved plaques. Crystal plaques are processed to create distinct shapes, which can then be engraved. You can get crystal plaques in various colors, so you can have your brand colors incorporated into the design.


The materials discussed above are the common forms in which corporate plaques are available. However, gold and silver plaques are also available if you want to make a significant investment in a commemorative piece. Also, technology allows you to engrave artificial materials like porcelain and resin.