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Accessibility-Related Features To Use At Your Local Shopping Center

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If you have a physical condition that makes it a challenge for you to get around, you want to be confident that your local shopping center has a number of accessibility-related features that can benefit you. These features can vary from mall to mall, and you can often browse the shopping center's website to learn exactly what accessibility features are available for you. Outside of the mall, you can expect to find a large number of parking spaces that are reserved for people with mobility issues. Inside the building, here are some accessibility features that you may find.

Wheelchair Rental

It can often be more convenient to rent a wheelchair from the shopping center instead of using your own. Not having to use your own means that you won't have the challenge of unloading it from your vehicle and loading it up again at the end of your shopping experience. Many shopping centers have wheelchair rentals. Typically, renting a wheelchair is complimentary, although you may have to provide your credit card for a refundable deposit. If you're shopping with a family member or friend, they can help you into the mall to pick up the wheelchair to use during your visit.


If the shopping center you plan to visit has more than one level, you need to be confident that you can easily move from floor to floor. While the building will likely have multiple staircases and escalators, it should also have an elevator that you can use. Depending on the size of each level, it may even have two elevators — perhaps one toward each end of the mall. You can expect that any elevator you enter will be designed to have buttons easy to reach for anyone who is seated in a wheelchair.

Accessible Bathroom Stalls

You can also expect to find accessible stalls in the bathrooms throughout the shopping center. These stalls are not only designed to have wide doors that make it easy to get in and out with a wheelchair but are also more spacious inside than ordinary stalls. This will allow you to move your wheelchair however you need. There will be accessible bathroom stalls in the men's, women's, and family bathrooms at the mall. Don't be afraid to contact the shopping center by phone or even through social media to learn more about its accessibility-related features in advance of your visit. 

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