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4 Tips For Buying New Area Rugs

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Area rugs make your home seem cozy, and they also add a decorative touch. You can use rugs in rooms with carpet and rooms with bare floors. You can even buy a large rug and use it in place of carpet and save the hassle of carpet installation.

Here are some tips for buying area rugs.

1. Know The Room Dimensions

It's very important to know the dimensions of the room. Then be sure to buy a rug that fits the dimensions so the rug isn't too big. Also, keep in mind the type of furniture you have. If you have a big dresser in your bedroom, you may not want to move it to put down the rug. In that case, measure the room width accordingly. That way, the rug will fit without having to move the heavy dresser. 

If you don't want a large area rug, then measure the area you want to cover. You can put down towels in the space temporarily so you can figure out exactly how you want the rug to look next to your bed or couch. Having specific measurements is a big help when it comes to picking out the perfect area rug.

2. Check The Durability Of The Fibers

Rugs are made from many materials. Some are more suitable for homes with kids and pets than others. When shopping for area rugs, look for terms such as stain-resistant and high-traffic when you want a rug made of the most durable fabrics. You might even note the materials your favorite rugs are made from and research how well they hold up to kids and pets as well as how easy they are to clean. Once you've compared the durability of the rugs, you can pick the one that matches your lifestyle.

3. Note Fiber Length

You may have a preference for long or short fibers. Rugs with short fibers are easier to clean and better for pets since pets can snag their nails in long fibers, especially looped fibers. However, if you want a lush rug for your bedroom or for in front of a fireplace, then you may prefer an area rug with long fibers.

4. Consider How The Rug Will Affect The Room

You may not want a rug that's a color match for all the furniture in the room. Instead, you might want a rug with flowers that have bright colors. The color choice and pattern are completely up to your individual taste. Another thing to consider is the size of the room. A large area rug that nearly reaches the walls could make a small room seem larger, especially if the rug is a light, neutral color.

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