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Housewarming Gifts For A Friend Into Meditation

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If you know someone who is really into meditation, and they have just brought a home, then you have a perfect opportunity to get them a wonderful gift. You can get something that is tailored to their love of meditation. While one can meditate anywhere, there are some gifts that can improve the situation. Below is a selection of three indoor decor gifts that will make your friend's new home more conducive to meditation. This way, your friend will be able to transform their indoor space into a perfect meditative retreat.

Sitting Pillows

The perfect indoor gift for someone who is into meditation is a beautiful, comfortable sitting pillow. These pillows are designed for people to use while they are sitting in a lotus position (or even a basic sitting position) and practicing their meditative technique. These sitting pillows are larger and more comfortably designed than regular throw pillows. You can get them in a wide variety of designs and colors. They are an amazing way to transform an indoor space such as a living room into a meditative space. When your friend is done meditating, they can take the sitting pillow and store it in a closet. This is really great for people who don't have the room to set up a dedicated space for their meditation.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Another very cool gift for people who are into meditation is an essential oil diffuser. This can be used to set the mood and make the indoor space more relaxing. Your friend can set up the diffuser in the corner of the room and then scent the room with something soothing, such as lavender essential oil or some other scent such as lemongrass. This is a healthy alternative to something such as an artificial air freshener. So, instead of filling the room with harsh chemicals, the thought of which might be distracting to someone who is trying to meditate, your friend can scent the air with natural fragrances .

Indoor Zen Rock Garden

If you're friend is into Zen meditation, then a perfect indoor gift would be an indoor Zen rock garden. These are miniature versions of the iconic sand and rock gardens that you might have seen. Your friend can arrange it as a focal point in the room, perhaps on a table, and then use it as a point to meditate on. These small indoor gifts are perfect for the new home because they also double as decoration.